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Fethiye Oludeniz Paragliding

We perform our paragliding flights from the 2000 meters runway of Babadağ in the Oludeniz neighborhood in Fethiye. Our double tandem paragliding flights are carried out by our pilots with T2 licenses every day if the weather is suitable. Our flights continue for 12 months in both summer and winter.We provide paragliding flight service at the most affordable prices in Fethiye. First of all, we reach the numbers below and decide the day and time we will fly paragliding. On the date of the appointment, we take you from your hotel with our special services and our journey to Babadağı begins. Our journey takes an average of 30 minutes. When we arrive at the Babadag paragliding take-off runway, after our pilot gives you a 10-minute take-off training, we equip our parachute materials and pass on to the flight. You can reach us by clicking the numbers below.

0546 655 90 20

Paragliding Frequently Asked Questions

Paragliding Flight Price

Paragliding flight price in Fethiye changes every year. Our flight prices are 500 TL in 2020. There are no photos and videos in this price. Extra payment is made to the pilot for photos and videos. In the paragliding flight, Go Pro photos and videos and 360 degree camera images are 200 TL. After making a paragliding flight in Fethiye, your pilot shows you your images in computer environment in our office and if you like, you buy the images.

Is there an age limit to fly?

There is no age limit for Paragliding TANDEM flights. We have passengers who have flown from the age of 3 to the age of 90. We only allow young children to fly with family leave. We do not recommend paragliding to those who are heart, blood pressure, or pregnant.

Do you have a Female Pilot?

We have 1 female pilot working with us in our paragliding company. Total female paragliding pilot in Fethiye is 3-4. Especially, our passengers who want a female pilot pay 100 TL extra fee.

Who can do Paragliding?

Those who do not have any cardiovascular disease and those under 100 kg can fly paragliding. Those who are afraid of heights can paragliding. Young children can fly with the permission of their family.

When is Paragliding done?

Our company provides paragliding flight service for 12 months of the year. You can make an appointment and fly on the day and time when the weather is suitable. Our flights are between 06:00 and 18:00 in the evening. Paragliding flight is not performed on extremely windy, rainy and heavy cloudy days. On the date you will fly, you can call us to find out the suitability of the weather.

How do we provide transportation to Babadağ?

After creating the paragliding flight reservation, we take you from our hotel 2 hours before the flight time with our service. If you want, you can come to our office in Ölüdeniz with your own vehicle. We get back to our services from the office and go to Babadağ with the pilots. Our average departure time is 40 minutes.

How do I get a reservation?

To get a Paragliding flight reservation, you can reach us from the numbers on our Touryus website. 100 TL prepayment is required for future reservations.